Sunday, March 19, 2017

NZ website celebrating children's literature

Check out  The Sapling, the brilliant New Zealand website celebrating children’s literature.

My name is Sarah Forster and I’m one of the editors, alongside Jane Arthur, of, which I’m guessing most of you will know is a brand-new website created to talk about children’s literature. We will cover everything from board books to YA books, in a variety of formats - essays, interviews, reviews and more.
We are already very proud of what we have created, and we hope you have had a chance to look around the site. Here is Kyle Mewburn’s plea for a Children’s Laureate, Nina Powles’ tribute to Hermoine, and Kate De Goldi’s love letter to public libraries as a starter. And an interview between David Elliot and Gavin Bishop for another.

“The Sapling is a website all about children’s books, because books grow humans. We take kids’ lit seriously, and we show it by commissioning essays, interviews, reviews and even crafts from some amazing kiwi writers and illustrators. You can find us at